Dairy Ingredients

Viking Dairy offers an extensive range of milk and whey powders, as well as, lactose and permeate powders. Our producer partnerships allow us to consistently supply quality products, provide knowledgeable technical assistance, all while maintaining competitive prices.

Dairy Powder Ingredients

Our dairy powders are used in many different food, feed, and nutritional applications including: baking, cheese production, confectionery, flavorings, ice cream, milk standardization, milk replacers, starter feeds and weight management.

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Nonfat & Whole Milk Powders

Our nonfat dry milks are available in low, medium or high heat. We provide whole milk powder in 26% and 28.5% fat. Bags or Totes available. rBST Free, Kosher, Halal, Grass Fed, Organic options.

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Sweet Whey Powder

We offer sweet whey powder for use in a variety of applications in both the food and feed markets. rBST Free, Kosher, Halal, Grass Fed, Organic options. Bags or Totes available.

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Lactose & Permeate

Our Lactose is available in several mesh sizes from unmilled up to 200 mesh. We also offer milk and whey permeates. Bags, totes, and bulk (permeate only) are available.

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