About Viking Dairy Company

Viking Dairy Company operates as a division within Gopher Mats, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Forest City Trading Group, LLC family of companies. Forest City Trading Group, LLC stands as one of North America’s preeminent commodity supply firms, boasting annual revenues exceeding $6 billion. Our primary objective is to deliver enhanced value to food, feed, and chemical producers, as well as our esteemed customers. We achieve this mission through our wealth of industry and product expertise, the safe and secure distribution of goods in a timely manner, and unwavering communication.

Our Standards

At Viking Dairy Company, we thrive on three core principles: a commitment to high-quality raw materials, transparent communication to build trust, and providing tailored solutions to meet distinct production requirements. We’re more than just a raw materials trading company; we’re your strategic partner for long-term production success.

Who We Serve

Viking Dairy Company serves a diverse range of markets with pride. Our dedication to excellence extends to these industries, where we offer high-quality raw materials and utilize strategic partnerships to maintain competitive pricing and a dependable supply chain. As a dependable partner, we recognize and accommodate the distinct needs of each market, fostering success and satisfaction for our valued customers.